March 13, 2009

No-waste Lunches

We all have to eat.

Sometimes we have to eat out.

Sometimes we have to bring a lunch with us.

Some of us have kids who bring their lunch to school.

The average American school-age child throws away about 67 pounds of packaging every year, including plastic sandwich bags, plastic water bottles, juice boxes, and molded food containers.

While plastic can be reused, try using reusable lunch containers and utensils, and pack them into a reusable bag for your child and for yourself.

Sometimes we have to eat at places that don't recycle. The amount of packaging used is just staggering. Order your food to go so they will put it in a paper bag, put the recycable stuff in the bag, bring it with you, and put it into your recycling bin at home.:)

Always look for ways to keep your carbon footprints small - no matter how small each footprint might be.

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