August 24, 2008

Air Conditioners vs. Fans

I don't know anyone who likes to be hot and sticky when the weather gets warmer. You should not be sweating if you are just sitting or walking around in your home. Most people keep their air-conditioners running to keep their homes cool all the time. Chances are that they are unaware that central air typically relies on ozone-damaging fluorocarbons. If you must run you air-contitioner, try to keep the temperature high enough to just take the stickiness and heat out of the home, and turn it off when it has cooled. If you can get one, use a programmable thermostat and adjust the temperature higher when you are not home. You can save about one percent on your electric bill for every degree warmer you keep your thermostat(the opposite is true with heating - keeping it lower and put on a sweatshirt!)

Portable and ceiling fans use 90 percent less energy than central air, and can make rooms feel seven to ten degrees cooler due to the process of evaporation. Energy star-rated fans are 50 percent more efficient than conventional models and will save you some money on your utility bills.

The winner - FANS!!!

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