August 19, 2008

Push (reel) mowers

I know I'm not the only person who finds gas powered mowers smelly, heavy, and very loud. Who likes to wake up on the weekend to hear their neighbors power mower at 8 in the morning? Not me. Even worse, they are bad for the environment. Gas mowers use two-stroke engines that don't burn gas efficiently. They wind up being far more polluting than your car. Do we really need to use our precious fossil fuels to cut grass? I say, no. Don't we already spend enough money on gas for our cars and other forms of transportation? I say, yes.

Try getting a little exercise with a good old-fashioned push mower. They are better for your health, and for the environment. Leave the clippings on the lawn as cut grass is a natural and nutritious fertilizer for your lawn. Some can be found at garage sales or in newspaper ads. For a great place to find information about them and to purchase a new one, try the website

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