August 9, 2008

Plastic Water Bottles

Do you go to the store every week and buy one of those huge packages of bottled water? Did you know that it takes 1.5 barrels of oil every year to make those plastic water bottles? Do you really need to spend all that money on them, and then recycle the bottle? I say, no you don't. If you buy them, you can reuse them. Wash a few and use them over and over. Get a PUR water filter for your faucet or buy a filtered pitcher to keep in the refrigerator.

Even better, ditch the plastics(in your recycling bin, of course). Whole Foods has some biodegradable water bottles, or try PVC free stainless steel bottles. Fill up a few with filtered water and put them in your refrigerator so they will be ready when you need one.


Anonymous said...

Great tip!

Anonymous said...

I think they should be required to open garbage bags and take recyclables out of them before the bags are deposited into the land fills!